Got Jiboo

  • Jiboo will now grab anything within reach. This can make night time feedings more “fun.” While  I’m totally devoid of chest hair, both nipple and armpit hair are ripe for yanking. Also, my beard is an excellent handle to my face.
  • J-Nuts thinks an empty mouth is a wasted opportunity. He prefers his maw to be full of, well, anything.
  • He’s also a rather large little dude. Apparently, he’s 95th percentile in height, 80th in weight, and 65th in capacity to love. Bottom teeth are coming in fast, and he’s taking it better then we expected. Overall, he’s a fairly happy guy, which is the most I can hope for.
  • He’s super active and crazy strong. He can lift my waterbottle full of water. I have lots of fears about the future, trying to keep up with his antics and tomfoolery. But, damn, he  looks good in yellow.
  • July was crazy intense. Dave SG organized an executed a giant mural, moved in, and then left the bay area for the east coast with Erin, who’s currently in deep incubate. I reluctantly suspect more of my friends will leave the bay area over time, especially those with growing families.
  • It seems that every weekend we are going to parties. And by parties, I mean BBQs. Thats how we mid thirties folk like to rage – in the afternoon.
  • We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a trip to the Marin County Fair.  Tea Leaf Green played a solid afternoon set. It’s such a bargain. $15 gets a day of free rides, a chance to “interact” with a huge amount of live stock, lots of cool art and performances, two concerts, and fireworks. Booze is even free if you sneak it in.
  • Sometimes I attempt to entertain Jasper in a manic, high energy assault. It turns out this type of interaction tends to freak other babies out. Its nice to leave a room of crying babies in your wake.
  • As you would expect, a woman in Stina’s mother group is a classmate of mine from high school who’s married to the assistant general manager of the Oakland A’s. This is how I found myself in a luxury box at Oakland coliseum with surrounded by babies on a Sunday afternoon. Babies are indifferent to luxury boxes, which is a shame.
  • Summer officially arrived with three nights of Phish at the Greek theater.  It was both slightly irresponsible of the band (due to the theater’s small size) and of me to go (what with the baby).  Most importantly, Dave and Keri Patry came in for the weekend. Keri was the true rock star, babysitting the two nights that Stina came. It was surprising to find that we were the median age at the shows. A cool thing about the Greek theater is that you can see the entire audience, and everyone was so very pumped to be at such an “intimate” show. Fortunately, Phish played “Got Jiboo” on Saturday night when Stina was there. They are sounding as good as I remember in recent years. The fun factor was high.
  • Top Dave Patry quotes from the weekend:
  1. “Heyoooo!” (during a silent moment after Trey said something about the magic wood for his new guitar)
  2. “Food: it’s, like, nourishing, man” (as a potential slogan for food)
  3. “Someone said something about a nap, and I thought ‘cool'” (on why we ended up being late getting in line for a show)
  4. “I do not condone wearing sports gear.” (After Stina asked if he had a Red Sox hat, oblivious that he was wearing a 2010 olympic games hat)
  • I’ve been suprised to discover there is actually something better then falling in love with my son – it’s watching Stina falling madly in love with him.


    Stina » 10 Aug 2010 » Reply

    gotta jibboo!

    gail » 11 Aug 2010 » Reply

    Gah! The Private Fuzz mini is too cute. The pile of CPR babies, however, falls more on the creepy end of the spectrum…

    love you guys!

    ps. Your son looks lovely in a dress.

    pvision » 12 Aug 2010 » Reply

    Nap! Sports! Jibboo!

    MikeyLife » 12 Aug 2010 » Reply

    Jasper is super cute – great photos!

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