Kate and Lars can really tie knots

Nothing’s quite like the ‘ole 48 hrs whirlwind Michigan adventure weekend. Life’s been quite a blur, and it was surreal to find ourselves back in Ann Arbor.

I’ve become a big fan of the all-inclusive wedding at the hotel where we’re staying. I had an hour to kill while Stina napped before the rehearsal dinner, so I wandered over to the mall across the street from the hotel. This is something I’d normally avoid at all costs, but I had nothing else to do, and it turned out to be a critical decision. There was a lot to celebrate, and it was also a bit of a SF reunion – Dave and Erin flew directly from their insane Latin American honeymoon to MI, Angel came in from NY, Tom and Yuko flew in, and we haven’t seen Tony in like a MONTH. Tony generously procured crazy amounts of top shelf alcohol. It was a solid way to ease into the main event.

The next morning, I forced everyone to go to Zingerman’s.

As I did the next day as well. Its like a pilgrimage to me. So f’n tasty. There was some walking around Ann Arbor that Tony and I bailed on to go play pool and video games. Then the wedding.

I was dashing. A-Town showed up. Stina gave a reading. A Baby cried. Wedding completed.

I reprised my role of DJ from last weekend. One thing I neglected to do was sound check prior to the wedding, but all I needed to do was plug in my laptop. How difficult was that going to be?

I dash into the grand hall during cocktail hour to discover they only had a mono jack going into the microphone mixer for me to plug into. This was unacceptable. Did they have a mixer? No. I was appalled. A giant hotel with two full PA systems did not have anything besides a mic mixer. The A/V room has nothing useful. I found one cable which would help me along my path. I ran across to radio shack to piece together a hack into the P/A. On my return, I discover that the cable they provided me wasn’t quite right. A second sprint to Radio Shack (everyone staring at me running through Sears in my suit) to gather necessary adapter.

Then its steak time. I’m really not a fan catered food. Married to an event person, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to sample it. The dinner was full on delicious. I was shocked.

Dancing commenced, and the Joyce family LOVES to dance. It was wicked fun. After an hour or two, I went completely rogue. We departed from their song book and took a glorious journey though my ipod. It’s good to be the DJ.

We shut it down around 12:30. I jammed on their piano until the hotel staffed yelled at me. “Only people who are paid to get to play the piano.” Humor. We reveled deep into the night. Tony was deeply in love with his Satellite radio and sweet sound system in his rental Car. He brought the raging Carl Cox party to the mall parking lot at 2am. On our return, Angel and Tony stumbled into a Bachelorette party, and kicked it with the drunk girls from Toledo for another hour. Yes indeed.

Brunch was blurry, Zingerman’s round two was critical, and our trip home was long and uneventful.

Wedding sprint = over.

Good times = had, with gusto even.

The killer wedding shots were done by Nicole Landonne.

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