PVision marries life, as I know it

Summer is always a densely packed celebratory time for us, but I’m not sure if I can put into words how insane things are right now. I had a rather full 6 day east coast trip. Conveniently enough, work sent me there to top my brain off with knowledge. Saw all the family a bunch and caught up with many friends, and then raced Mike

and Nikki

back to SF. They won. I met up with them and my wife at the house of Krudden. We promptly headed south to participate in the celebration of Dave and Kerri tying the hitch knot.

They chose Big Sur to be their wedding destination, and there was coastal nature everything. Go figure. During the few moments of unplanned activity, the Ducey’s and I headed south without a destination. We happened upon a trail which led us down down down through a tunnel in a mountain and eventually to the ocean. I heart California, even though it’s broke.

The wedding was cause for another mini Newton North High School reunion, now familiarly embellished with all of our significant others.

Dave was not an organized little duder back in high school. Sometime during college, his brain snapped like a glow stick, and he became extremely anal. That was about as predictable as Angel working for the IRS. It means that Dave and Stina connect in terrible ways that frighten me. Of course he tapped Stina for her extensive “knowledge”. Everyone had different jobs, and with each job came a different title. I was the Music Monkey. Dave’s brother was Best Monkey. Stina’s minions were Monkey Bitches. And so forth.

Then they got married.

I know how much Dave dislikes to be the center of attention, so its was more then a little amusing to watch him take it and like it. I was honored to give a short reading and be the appointed DJ for the evening. This meant pressing play on itunes at various points of the night. I was under strict orders not to touch the playlist, but the Music Monkey has a mind of its own. I also appointed myself MC for the evening, which amused me.

Dave’s had a long history with knives in my house.

Dave’s fully responsible for my love of music, and his dance setlist did him justice. I really appreciated the table decorations, since I watched Kerry painstackingly assemble one when I visited for of our Grateful Dead junket. We really had a fabulous time. I’m quite pleased that Dave and Kerry found each other.

Then we headed north, hit the brunch,

and made it back to cold cold Frisco. We wandered around the park until we found the tube fighting championships.

It was pretty Epic.

The Ducey’s had to sadly depart on Monday morning. Stina’s Cousin Carmen and brand spanking new husband Andrew arrived Monday night.

They took of on Wednesday afternoon. That evening we got to hold Jason and Lindsay’s one day old baby. Intense much? Huge congrads to the new parentals!

Now we’ve finished packing our bags for Michigan. Let the celebrations continue.

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