I got five on it

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in a three day orgy of gluttony and whatever else you do at orgies. I guess you mostly attend weddings and Broadway shows. Whoohoo for orgies!

We kicked it off on Thursday night with a surprise (to me) evening out to see Spam-a-lot. I’ve really come to terms with my dissatisfaction of the stage adaption of movies, and was only mildly amused during reenacted scenes from the Holy Grail. Fortunately, they added lots of new material and created an amazing stage production which was super funtastical.

Friday, the day of our anniversary, we cruised the coast down to Half Moon Bay for some ritzy lunch and beach time.

Then epic napping, dinner at our new favorite Italian place in the Richmond, and too many hours of Battlestar Galactica. I started rooting for the robots.

Saturday was celebrate other couples day. Lars and Kate had a pre-wedding celebratory BBQ in the park for Bay Area folk.

It was fantastic catching up with so many folks.

Then is was off to Josh Adler’s and Katriene’s wedding celebration in West Portal.

This celebration was the perfect marriage of extraordinarily delicious food (Josh is the wine buyer for BiRite, a high end food store) and a super relaxed environment. They performed the ceremony when they felt like it, and the food kept coming. I sat next to some of Josh’s co-workers, who walked me through endless barrage of delicious offerings. It was a really special wedding – so chill and overflowing with positivity.

Then today, I went to the Fillmore to go pick up tickets for a show to discover that the ticket office was mysteriously closed and the Fillmore street festival was going on. I’ve never been to the Fillmore street festival, and that is a damn shame. It’s enormous, with four or five stages, and stellar jazz, blues, and funk music. I caught at least five bands today, some whom I’ve been meaning to see for a while now. A great, totally unexpected day.

The surreal moment of the weekend award goes to Saturday night post wedding. Around 11pm, still rather under the influence from the aforementioned celebration, I was working on some fuzzy tunes when out of the corner of my eye I think I see a flashlight on our private deck. I take off my headphones to hear someone saying “hello?” from the hallway. Thinking its possibly my downstairs neighbors, I’m surprised to discvoer two police officers peeking into my apartment. Apparently, someone had called saying they had heard someone walking on their roof, and the police though it was me. I explained that I had not called the police, and being the top apartment, had not noticed anyone on my roof. I then go to my deck to discover three additional officers. I explain that I didn’t call the police, and invite them in so they can walk down the stairs (instead of the fire escape). They call up to the roof where there is yet another officer on top of my apartment. The four officers gratefully come in, compliment me on the killer posters, and disappear down the stairs. One asks if I’m a producer and gets a CD, cause WTF just happened?! ┬áThat was some seriously random shit. Were there really just 6 cops in my apartment? Was that many officers needed for the call? And how did they get in my building?

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jordan » 6 Jul 2009 » Reply

Awesome photos! Very impressive. What a killer day it was. Happy 5, you two…

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