Someone who wanted to remix my music sent me their remix of a song by the band Trifonic, which caused me to investigate. It turns out Trifonic is an electronic music duo comprised of brothers, based out of SF. The music hovers somewhere between IDM, downtempo, and pure genius. It pretty much blew my mind, and its the clear candidate for electronic music album of the year. One of the brothers is BT’s guitar player, and there’s a clear musical connection between BT’s This Binary Universe (the most important electronic music album of the decade IMO) and Trifonic’s Emergence. The best part – it’s free. They’re pulling the ole pay what you want model. Its kind hard to find the free download link though (its under “FREE VERSION”). Definitely worth a listen or ten.

Anyhow, they played an early show last friday @ 330 Ritch, so I went down to check ’em out.  The place was chock full of SOMA hipsters, and I certainly was the only dude wearing a white teeshirt. Everyone was beautiful or trying to be beautiful, and I was greatly amused by the whole scene. Drama was everywhere. It one of the first times I’ve been at a show and not talked to anyone. I went to the bar, and the bartender informed me that the eight taps were off – all they had were bottles (bud, corona, etc). So F it – I’m not paying six bucks for shitty beer. I was early enough that there was no cover, so the whole thing was totally free. Bonus.

The set was pretty stellar musically – they were playing remixes of the tunes that I was pretty familiar with. They fall into the same trap that almost all electronic music bands do – most of their set they are staring at their laptops, twiddling knobs. The guitar guy was playing guitar and bass much of the time, but not shredding or anything – more rhythmic soundscapy type playing. Sonically it drew me in, visually a little less.

I met up with peeps at Gestalt after the set to celebrate Angel’s birthday. The mission peeps were full of tatoo’s and piercings, and all 15 beers on tap were $4. It felt a little better then usual to be there.


jobob » 31 Oct 2008 » Reply

I have used some of Trifonics’ tunes from
The website is great!

Last year
DA sposnored a tour with BT and Thomas Dolby.

We got tickets as they were showing our photos

at House of Blues in Disney Orlando

Skip Kent » 27 Apr 2009 » Reply

I always try to buy a beer (or coffee) at free shows, as a way of encouraging the venue to hire the artist again. So true how the laptop musicians have a hard time visually. I’ve been to shows and thought, “Well there’s a couple of tech guys, but where are the musicians?” Only to realize finally that the tech guys staring at the screen were the musicians! Silly I know, but I come from a more traditional ‘band’ background.

The best live electronic band I’ve ever seen was Boston’s own Think Tree. A guitar player, a stand up electronic drum kit player (out front no less!), two keyboard/sampler players and a very animated and talented vocalist. Lots of electronics but no midi sequencing live or in the studio. Everything always played by hand, which made for very dynamic live shows. There are no videos of them on youtube which is sad.

They’re long defunct, but someone put some songs on a myspace page. Listen and enjoy!

Love your site, btw, and your music is creating a lot of interest in downtempo electronica, something I had pretty much ignored before.



Skip Kent » 27 Apr 2009 » Reply

Oops. Forgot the url!

Skip Kent » 27 Apr 2009 » Reply

More songs here:

Sorry, I’ll stop harping on about this great band. Take Care!

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