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Robert Johnson decided to set the world record for distance skateboarding, and is doing so by skating around the world. He’s documenting it too, all video blog style. His final update from his epic skateboard trip uses some of my tracks, and they work really well with his video:

Part Ten – Guinness World Record Skateboard Journey from Rob Thomson on Vimeo.

Someone discovered my music via this video and kindly pointed it out to me. I then had an email exchange with Rob, and I simply marveled at the power of the internet to connect me with such an inspiring individual.

Also, Jobob has created a series of artsy flash movies which integrate many of my tunes. Very cool.


jobob » 13 Oct 2008 » Reply

Thanks for the mention James.

I love your work!

Here’s the latest

stina » 14 Oct 2008 » Reply

Pretty amazing – the power of the web. Great video and the use of your music is really well done.

gail » 16 Oct 2008 » Reply

Awesome. It’s inspiring to see people connecting over the internet to collaborate, create, and share.

jobob » 21 Oct 2008 » Reply

The internet may allow for a greater Unity!

I intend to continue putting James tunes to flash.
I am not quite halfway through the 50+ songs Should complete
the project by the holidays.

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