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I’ve been in a little funk lately, probably from a combination of post wedding/party/KJAJ depression and that sickness that has plagued Stina and I (though mostly Stina) this week. Though Sigur Ros has been my favorite band for the past two months, I couldn’t find the inner motivation to go see them @ the Greek Theater on Friday. I traded Sigur Ros for MC Hammer and Alison Krauss + Robert Plant, who were both playing the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in my backyard. I wouldn’t consider it trading up, but its not every day you see McHammer flanked by 10 fly girls do a free 30 min performance at 11:30 in afternoon to hordes of screaming 4th and 5th graders. It was a bizarre lunch break, to say the least. And how does a 10 year even know who MCHammer is? 

Andronico’s, the very upscale grocery store a block away from me, recently did a remodeling. I just discovered that a casualty of this remodel is that the deli no longer makes overpriced enormous sandwiches anymore. This is a severe blow, since those sandwiches accounted for approximately 40 percent of my diet. This is probably also contributing to my funk. I greatly subside on sandwiches. I’ve been scouring the neighborhood, sampling from the many other eateries/stores that combine meat and bread together in that oh so special way. 

Today I wandered in the random Russian food store on my block. I felt like I must have been the first non Russian speaking customer. The three people behind the counter seemed bewildered. I found that they made sandwiches and requested that they make me one. After some slightly awkward back and forth about what was to go in said sandwich, they embarked on what seemed a great journey to assemble it. At no point during the ten long minutes of sandwich making did they stop yelling at each other in Russian. It made me feel like my parents were making me a sandwich (they bicker non stop in the kitchen). I spent the time perusing the many unlikely items that they sold there. I ended up filling up a bag with random Russian candy – so maybe this was all a practiced technique to encourage me to buy more stuff. If so, it was very successful.

The bonus is that they had half sour pickles in the store, and now I know where I can buy them. They even put some in my sandwich, which was slightly better then average. I’m a sandwich snob, and proud of it.


Jobob Arikan » 6 Oct 2008 » Reply

Sorry to hear about the sickness and funk gremlins.

Here is a pix of Robert P from the late 60’s I managed to grab in Orlando Fl. http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Robert-Plant-35980831

I also lived on SFO sandwiches. My fav place was Freddy’s in North Beach
http://www.yelp.com/biz/freddies-sandwiches-san-francisco where they hollow out the sourdough for the tunafish. Second fave was the Presidio commissary where the folks I worked with always had a person with commissary privledges to get foot long sandwiches that weighed about 4 pounds for $7.99
Gordos on Clement is still a fave even tho I only get back to the bay area every now n then

tb » 8 Oct 2008 » Reply

what? no more sandwiches? this is bad news indeed.

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