subconscious vs. instincts

I woke up yesterday with an idea for a new part of a song. I sang it as best I could into my phone. Last night I transcribed it just as I imagined it, and added in a few new layers. Tonight I flushed it out even more and got it pretty dialed in. After a couple of listens of the whole song, I decided I didn’t like how the new part integrated in the song and deleted it.

I put 2-3 hours of work into this. The result was pretty faithful to what I had envisioned, which is rare for me. Yet, I don’t see it as a waste of time. It feel significant. I’m proud that I saw it all the way through and then was faithful to my instincts. It also makes me feel more confident about the original idea that I had before.

I also know that I will totally forget about this experience in a year from now – hence this post. Some of the work that I pour into these songs does not move them forward. It can be frustrating for sure, but it doesn’t drag me down the way it used to. Not all my ideas take me where I want to go, but I believe it’s worth finding out.

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Bob Hudson » 24 Mar 2014 » Reply

Not unlike the process of exploring scientific ideas…you experiment with ideas until one works just right. It can be frustrating, but its not a waste. I recently heard a story about the Dreyfus brothers (inventors of ethyl acetate). One said that they’d discovered 20,000 processes that didn’t succeed in making ethyl acetate and one that did.

So here’s a question for you…are you aware of a sort of aesthetic logic that you apply to decide that something sounds right? Or is it purely intuitive?

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