Visualize Raising the Anchor

  • In early May, our landlord dropped the “wanting to sell our house” bomb, and we are now expected to form an exit strategy. My initial strategy involved shitting my pants. Stina seems to have adopted a more constructive approach. The deadline for our departure hasn’t been set, nor have we been able to secure our next domicile, but we are expending a lot of energy on it. At the same time I’ve transitioned to a completely different job in my company. Needless to say, any illusions of life stability have been shat upon with great shittings of fuck. This is also may explain the dearth of quality pics and videos for the past three months.
  • We’ve been playing a lot of “Is it dog poop?”, which is inevitably followed by “Daddy I touch?”
  • Jasper often uses the word “something” which he uses conviction and urgency, granting us no clue to what he wants.
  • During a recent diaper change dance, he said “big penis” and pointed at his johnson. This is a very advanced 2 year old. On that note, after all the water has drained out of his bath, he likes to pee into a cup and then pour it on himself.
  • He keeps asking for different music until I put on the 80’s hair band station on Pandora. His absolute favorite song is “Love in an Elevator”, because he thinks its a song about loving elevators. Gates, elevators, and rail road crossings still have prime seating in his frontal lobe.
  • Jasper drew a dot using a crayon and said “Booger”. I then verified he really said what I thought he did.
  • Jasper: “I need spoon.” Me: “What do you need a spoon for?” Jasper: “For the internet”.
  • I’ve been cultivating new styles of patience in my life. Since my back has been hurting a lot as late, so I’ve had to  train myself from trying to pull or lift Jasper from point A to point B. I need to guide him, and if he isn’t interested in going the way I want him to go, I basically need to wait it out. I’m also working on restraining myself from stopping Jasper from doing things I know won’t work out (as long as there is no danger). Otherwise the consequences of pulling the fire alarm is only heresay.
  • When he discovers something in his vicinity, everyone nearby needs to know about it. He doesn’t get too discouraged when people don’t pay attention to him. Also, in this regard, Jasper has suddenly become assertive in ensuring other people, especially little ones, follow our arbitrary rules, even though he doesn’t necessarily subscribe to them himself.
  • Jasper requests a new song almost every night before going in the crib, and he gets to choose the subject matter. I enjoy developing a new improv skill.
  • I usually skim and discard most parenting blog posting that come my way. This article, even though I’ve heard some of it before, it really resonated with me, and changed the way I approach tantrums. I now lean into tantrums, imaging that as a blockage that needs to be cleared.
  • There was some recent Bostony goodness. Sucks to be near us on a plane, though really, it sucks to be us. We spend some time with our folks, the MA crew, some Obie’s, Jasper’s g-parents, and hit up Special K’s beautiful wedding in VT.