Two for two

Our little sperm egg happy meal turned two years old. Crazy pants.

I’ve heard several parents say: “the days are long but the years are short”. They were all wrong. These have been the longest two years of my life. For that, I am both grateful and exhausted. Older folks keep reminding me that it will all go by so fast. I’m old enough to know that this is true. Therefore, I try to make choices that maximize the time I have with my buttermilk pancakes. Onward with the bullet points.

  • Jasper finally seems age appropriate for the zoo. He can name animals, and sometimes describe what they are doing. Though to be fair, there’s not a huge range of activities that these animals can engage in. If you ask Jasper about the zoo, he will tell you about the gates on the train tracks, because that’s all that matters anymore. As you can see, gates are the new doors.
  • On that note, I find myself grading automatic doors on their sensistivy, responsiveness, and hazardness potential. Whole foods is where its at. I’ve started using this system to rate people too
  • Jasper’s surprisingly good at evaluating what he is capibile of doing, and pushing himself to the limits of his physical abilities. Jumping is on the rise, though that is always going to be the case.
  • He literally has no inner voice. He verbalizes his entire thought process. It’s fun to follow his train of thoughts, and then say something like “elevators” and watch him kareen off his path.
  • J-balls regularly lights up when he sees me, which is seriously rewarding. Stina stopped doing that about 8 years ago.
  • I’ve been amazed by his generosity with other children, his attention span, and his obvious enjoyment of music. He has initiated some really tender moments where I split open and melt.
  • He can also incarnate the whiny tantrum devil on a whim, and then it’s all about management and a special kind of patience that I generally lack. I’m working on not getting so wrapped up in his bursts of unhappyness, which are growing in intensity and fortitude.
  • Sometimes he says things that we interpret as things he wants right now – but what he is really doing is reliving a moment from the recent past. He doesn’t know how to modify words or inflection to describe past events, so everything is in current tense.
  • We went to see the Alphabet Rockers at the Freight and Salvage. One of the Alphabet crew is a high school class mate. I ended up talking with a guitar player from New Monsoon, who was in the audience with his two small children. I reveled in how many different segments of my life collided.
  • I streamed five nights of Soulive from NYC to my living room. I love a good east coast couch tour. Stina summarized it well: “a really good keyboard player is amazing – its like watching a guitar player go nuts on keyboard”
  • Finding moments of peace in my life is still a high level goal. I’m really getting good at zoning out. Another important aspect of being peaceful is patience. The more I practice being peaceful, the more patience I have overall, which is a really critical skill set. It allows Jasper to explore his world at his own pace. The flip side is that I way over indulge him. So much for having him bend to my will. I rarely take a hard line with his desires unless its a Daffy no-no.
  • Jasper has several times taken his socks off and picked at his toe cheese for a couple minutes. Stina’s genes are starting to flex their muscles. They can not be stopped. I’ve gleefully learned this the hard way. In this case, you have no idea what I mean. Might as well just go about your business. Your salty, sexy business.