A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things about J-Balls right now:
  • His over use of “TADA!”
  • Ice is a delicious treat.
  • Watching his face while works something through in his noggin. You can actually see the gears tunring.
  • He regularly congratulates himself with a “good job!” – like when he peels a clemetnine.
  • A couple times we’ve walked to the BART station to ride the elevators and escalators for a long hour. Maybe we’ll hit the auto-door at Trader Joes afterwards. He’ll talk about the experience for the next few days. Yesterday we spent an hour and half at the downtown Hyatt enjoying their up / down / auto-door facilities.
  • We have our first pretend game. We now play “elevator” at home.
  • We also play drop, which is a beloved game from my childhood.
  • When we change his diaper on the changing table, he often says “don’t pee!”
  • The placid expression on his face when he’s experiencing something he wants to do (like ride escalators and elevators). The only indication that he enjoyed the experience is that he immediately asks for more whenever it ends.
  • When he spots our neighbors cat, Zoe, he gets right up in her face and enthusiastically yells “hello! hello cat!”. Zoe takes it very well, but doesn’t say “hello” back, much to Jasper’s disappointment. He thinks it hilarious when Zoe eats food.
  • I was manipulated into being obsessed with parrots when I was growing up by my grandmother. Now, with Jasper being almost 2, I get live out my not-really-my-fantasy of living with a parrot, since he repeats most things that come out of your mouth. Also, since he hasn’t mastered a lot of syllables yet, it’s awesome when he says “chalk”.
  • Anytime I fart, he says “Daddy’s pooping!”
  • We stood and watched the traffic light down the block change colors for over 20 minutes.
  • He makes funny faces at himself in the mirror and then cracks up
  • He laughs loudly a little bit after everyone else laughs.
  • My absolute favorite thing is the naked dance.

Fun notable events:

  • The Ruddens came for two weeks. He got really excited on christmas, and kept bring presents over to mommy saying “open! open!”
  • We saw the new Muppet movie, had drinks, then a ridiculous dinner, caught a TLG show, stayed in a  hotel, followed by a leisurely brunch during a single 16 hr MEGA-DATE.
  • My mom came for week. It took approximately 30 seconds for Jasper to warm up to Grandma this time.