15 Months

  • I’ve been doing a lot of solo Jasper care since Stina’s been working evenings and weekends, along with the household plague thats been haunting us for the past few weeks. I’m rather intimidated by the idea of entertaining the little nutball for 3-4 hours in a row. You have to constantly distracting him from whatever terrible idea he concocts.  He’s unaware of the dangers of pretty much everything, likes to get most things in his mouth, and has no concept at all what a bathroom is. In my old life, that time would be filling with dicking around, watching movies, computery goodness, and more sweet dickery. The time NEVER flies by. When I reflect upon these days, there’s often a moment or two that was really amusing or special. It probably makes it all worth it. I’m aware that I won’t regret it in the long run. We’re particularly bonded right now. Now might not be the perfect time to leave him for two weeks, but really, when is?

  • I often find feeding JBalls to be very stressful. I’ve been observing Stina during meals, and have picked up that what I’m really lacking is patience. Just cause he initially rejects everything doesn’t mean all is lost. Sometimes he’ll get around to eating those dreaded vegetables. Or not.  Theres always the potential for cheese in the future. Possibly words to live by.

  • Rocking your half awake baby back to sleep at 5am is totally awesome when you only have to do it once a month. Whoohoo for not having an infant anymore.
  • Its fun to see the little guy keep hitting plateaus. There’ll be a stretch of days or weeks with little change, and then BAM, new behavior. New words appear out of nowhere.  Where it took us 6+ months to teach JBalls to sign “more”, he learned “please” in a week. The learning train seems to be accelerating.

  • Tantrums also seem to be on the rise. This kid is so strong, I’m worried that he’s going hurt himself with his arching and flailing. You never know which Jasper you’ll get when he wakes up. We roll the dice three times a day. Sometimes life gives you whammies.
  • I’ve never known such joy from bubbles or a blanket. As of now, I rather enjoy being a human jungle gym. That, I’m sure, will be fleeting.
  • I went though another spurt where I was obsessed with coding for my website and working on music. There were also several bouts of insomnia. One night, I ended up getting out of bed at 3am and coded for a couple hours. Stina asked whether I wanted to work on my website or I needed to. I was unable to answer that question, and after pondering it for a couple days, I’m still not sure.
  • We got a bike attachment for Jasper, and now we have access to the enormous playground of the Berkeley campus.
  • My mom came out for a visit, which was excellent. Up next is the Rudden invasion for a 3 weeks. Of course, Stiners and I will be absent for 16 days of that as we valiantly attempt to make nice with the Swiss.
  • The continued existence of the ball pit establishes Stina’s boundless love for Jasper. Picking up 50 balls from all over the living room multiple times a day is apparently a small price for Jaspers happiness. I’m pretty stoked that it just went into hibernation.
  • I had my final recording sessions for my next album. It’s really coming together, and the drive to finish it is making an unwelcome appearance. I’m doing my best to quell the beast, but it’s sitting shotgun in my frontal lobe, and its got a riding crop.
  • Once again, I’m really trying not to take my health, family, and friends for granted. I’m so freaking lucky. Not everybody gets to drink from the fire hose.