• Since our Chrisnukah plans were thrown in a tizzy by the non-arrival of Stiner’s parents, we made up for it with a hunt for all the east bay baby friendly holiday events. We hit the Tilden merry go round, Fairyland with x-mas lights, and the 4th street lights. While we were really impressed by our inaugural trip to fairyland, J-Balls was enamored with a bell, which he rang for a solid 10 minutes, mouth agape, drooling in ecstasy. We hosted orphan x-mas, which to Kerry Jo’s chagrin did not involve actual orphans. Instead, the local Jewish folk with nothing better to do on Christmas joined us for fancy late lunch.
  • Though Jasper seemed to making efforts to walk by early December, in true Krudden tradition, he messed with us by ceasing most walking activity for over a week.  He then made a very last minute decision to become a walker in 2010. At this point, crawling is almost absent in his motion repertoire. He also deposited some mimicking, lots of clapping, and awesome self pillow smothering in the activity bank. He fucking LOVES doors. OMG. Doors are where it’s at. They open. . . .AND CLOSE!
  • Its been cold (for Cali) and raining, so we’ve also been scoping out the indoor baby places. Its turns out by throwing money at the problem, we can take him to these amazing sheltered play spaces that he totally won’t remember going to.
  • I got out to see the final Black Crowes run at the Fillmore. I also caught the pre New Year Furthur hippie festival at the Bill Graham with the old shakedown crew (which they appropriately opened with while our old landlord was chillin with us).  The Krudden clan celebrated NYE by streaming the MSG Phish show, which fit our lifestyle very nicely. Stina charged me 8 bucks for a beer, and I stood outside my bathroom for 10 minutes to make the experience more real. We raged until 1:30 in morning (east coast time). I heart east coast time. And streaming Phish. Enough that we did again the next night.
  • We’re gradually dusting the cob webs off our social life. We had some neighbors over for dinner, and are beginning to transform casual acquaintances into full fledged monkeys. I like monkeys.
  • Jasper really enjoys sucking on long thin things. We practically live in Berkeley, so it’ll work out.
  • Both Stiners and I found that over a recent two week period, we’ve transitioned from being in love with DroolyMcgee to being crazy in love with him. We were surprised to discover that it happened to us both during the same time frame. But there it is. We are no longer entertaining ideas of selling him. Renting may still be an option though.