Who Fathered This Child?

  • Crawling is so last month for Jasper. If he wants to get somewhere, its a non issue. Well, for him anyways. It’s often an issue for us. He spends most of his time standing now. He’s gotten to the point where he can stand on his own for a second or two. He started taking steps while fully erect. Just like daddy.
  • Sometimes I think he’s a freaking genius. He’ll do something like follow me around, imitate me, or find something I hid, and I’m completely stunned. The rest of the time he’s a utter moron, which is good for parental self esteem. He’s unable to get food from his hand to his mouth (unless you count sand as a food, which according to his poop, he sure does), will consistently choke on tiny soft pieces of fruit, and thinks shoes are delicious. He’ll put everything he can in his mouth, except for food. He’s damn stubborn too. Thanks Mom!

  • We’ve finished construction of baby land 1.0. We’re real proud of our baby jail, and spend copious amounts of time sitting in the corner throwing things at his face (much to his delight).
  • We hit a nasty nightime crying jag a few weeks back. It would easily be an hour of crying, multiple times a night. It lasted for about a week, and felt like three and an half months. That sucked monkey balls. Extra hairy monkey balls.
  • Jasper and I started attending “music together” classes, which is not nearly as painful as I imagined. Right after enrolling him in these classes, I read “Parenting, Inc.” which postulated that we are spending way too much money on useless things like music classes for infants. Since I borrowed the book for free from the library, I attempted to rationalize that  it all balances out. J-Balls is seriously engaged during these music sessions. He is completely transfixed by the music duder, quietly drooling all over my leg. Stiners gets a quality nap at home, and I die a little bit for 45 minutes.
  • I’ve been a little less concert deprived then I imagined. I randomly was gifted some very last minute Arcade Fire tickets (which is funny since I’ve seen them many times for free since I used to know the sound board dudette), and cajoled T-Bag to join me. The Kruddens have given the Fox a lot of love as of late too –  the Flaming Lips, Widespread Panic, and Jonsi (of Sigor Ros).
  • We had some bonus quality DaveSG and Erin Crowley time when they returned west for a wedding. Their life is about get real insane, which is par for their course. In fact, a number of our friends announced their state of pregnancy in the past few months, which means they are all having much more sex then I am.
  • Stiners totally tricked me into going to a farm for a harvest festival. I thought we were going to a pumpkin patch. On arrival, we totally bypassed the pumpkin patch and joined a long line of people with small children so that we could pick corn and ogle sheep at the adjoining festival. Fortunately, a number of friends with children joined us on the farm, so we could bond over any feelings we may have had or not had for said sheep.