• J-Balls has discovered he has hands. I guess that would be pretty startling if you didn’t know you had them. They have one a sole purpose – to go in his mouth. He can almost get the whole thing in there. Occasionally he’ll get em in so far he’ll gag. He’ll pop one in when he’s hungry and then get really pissed off when no food comes out.
  • The weather in the east bay this spring has been unbelievable. It’s like we moved to a different country. We’ve fallen in love with our porch. This is causing us to re-evaluate our feelings for each other.
  • Jasper is getting way more interactive. He has fully graduated from a ball of goo to a tiny human. I’ve been granted a license to go a little bananas around him, since I’m often rewarded with smiles, squeals, or the occasional crazy/scary baby laughter. Good times.
  • I took a half day off so Dave SG and I could play 36 epic holes of mini golf. After we determined we could BART and bike to golfland, I brought down a full pitcher of bloody mary’s. The Comfort Inn across the street provided ice and free popcorn. We added rules like going blind if you needed to redo a hole (I then got a hole in one this way). We re-named the holes as we traveled through adventure land. One particularity challenging hole required a perfect shot down the center to put the ball in a middle hole. It was named “get it in the hole or suck it”.
  • I came home from work to discover Stina, Lindsey, Jiboo, and Henry in the mini room in the back office. This was because Stina hired a full army of people to clean the shit out of our house. That evening I went to check out how our tub looks when its grime free, and I did a full head smash into the super clean glass door. I actually have a history of walking full speed into glass doors though.
  • The second half of May we had round two of parental visitations. The grandparents are fully integrated into Jaspers life.  We are getting a little too used to lots of helping hands. I dragged my Dad to the Maker’s Fair to see if it would spark some inspiration for his retirement. Micheal Rudden went to town on my office, and now it looks amazing.

  • We kicked J-balls to the curb (where the curb = my  in-laws) and took a two day long extreme vacation to Santa Cruz where we repeatedly experienced the “delirium of excitement” (direct Stina quote). We brought it big. We cruised through town on bikes and happened on some truly magnificent shrubbery.

  • Feeding has gotten much less treacherous now that he has some neck control. Previously you had to be wary of the sudden high speed side head butt. No longer will he leave a trail of bloody lips wherever he goes.
  • We got a new fridge, cause our old one liked to pee itself, and they don’t make fridge size diapers. This inspired a whole round of taking Jasper pictures in fun places.

  • We discovered the joys of spraying a naked baby with water. We’re starting to teach him about an emotion called “surprise!”
  • Originally, I thought I was really snobby about a number of things. On further reflection, I realized my problem is that I care too much. For example, I care too much about whiskey.