The Mute Button

  • My brother’s wedding in Boston on April 10 prompted us to bring a 5 week baby on a cross country airplane ride.  The best moment was about 4 hours into the flight when he had a giant poop. For the record, his poop (which has gone greenish now) is crazy potent. During this most excellent and productive session, the fasten seatbelt indicator lit up, and we couldn’t leave our seats for the rest of the flights. Our lucky seat neighbor was forced to join us in wallowing in that special pungent flavor for the last two hours of the flight. Good times.
  • And against all odds, my brother actually got married. It was great to have the Kirsch family together. The Rudden’s cared for Jasper during the ceremony and took him home shortly afterwards,  leaving us to have our first post pregnancy shared cocktail fest. Booyeah for in-laws! Dr. Doug and Erin happened to employ the same wedding photographer that we did in our Bay Area wedding, which was more then a little amusing. We had a fantastic time at the celebration and were the last to leave. I’m super psyched to officially (by which I mean governmentally sancationed) welcome Erin to the family! Its nice to have a younger sister to beat up on.

  • Since we knew we were going to be in the area for a while, the Silers (the Rudden’s best friends) threw Stina an extravagant Newton-style baby shower. It was billed as a high tea, so I wasn’t allowed to break out the beer until after all the artfully spiked punch was finished. Tons of our east coast friends joined us during the afternoon, and it was fantastic to catch up. This also meant having a full on Siler-Rudden festival weekend, which usually leaves me wallowing in my own sick by the end.

  • We’ve renamed the feeding bottle as “the mute button.” Works every time.
  • I had my first “my Son did that!” moment when we put him down for “tummy time” and he turned himself over. He did it a couples times, in both directions. I was shocked and embarrassed to find myself gushing with acolades. Then I slapped myself twice, got a beer, and gave myself some props. Way to walk and operate complex tools, JimmyK!
  • Initially, our biggest challenge was that Jasper wouldn’t sleep unless he was held. That meant someone was on shift 24/7. This translated into watching 6-8 hours of television a day during my paternatity leave. Streaming netflix was my best friend. The day before we left for Boston, he has his first stretch of sleep on his own. I guess one of those magical baby switches were flipped, and ever since then he’s fine on his own. Our parents wondered what we were complaining about.
  • We stayed in Newton for 3.5 weeks. Its was bliss. I was pretty down with part time parenting. Jiboo had like 13 moms. I started to feel like me again after sleeping a few nights. Those first five weeks of his life felt like a year.
  • Biology has a cruel sense of humor:  having a baby makes you a chick magnet.
  • Newton peeps are all now home owners. And we have a baby. Funny that I still don’t feel like an adult yet.
  • I smartly moved my birthday from the 3rd to the 2nd, and proceeded to have an epic day. Pizza for breakfast at the farmers market. A table full of lesbians told me I was real cute. Went to an AMAZING show at the Starry Plow with Stiners and Jiboo all afternoon. It was a benifit for Kate Struby who’s raising money for medical costs associated with ALS. A stellar lineup of bay area talent, and they tore it up as the day slipped into evening. Jaspers first show was a rousing success, probably since he slept for half of it. There were at least 7 babies in attendance – 3 as young as Jasper. All of them had the giant infant ear protection muffs on. Cuteness overload + Rocking out = epic. Jiboo gave me the greatest birthday gift ever – a 6 hour stretch of sleep, shattering his previous record of almost 4.
  • I was starting to feel a little anxious when I hit 32 years of age. More so at 33. I think it really had to do with being that old and having not started the family. I have no bad feelings about 34, since I have Jasper to share it with.
  • I determined my long term strategy for getting old – minimize regrets. Though I hadn’t clarified my mission statement till now, I’ve been on that path for a long while.
  • Sometimes when Jiboo is crying, I’ll yell back at him and he stops crying and stared incredulously at me. As soon as I stop yelling, he resumes. After a long yelling at the baby session, a  lightbulb in my brain finally went off, and I tried cranking the music. He totally mellowed out when I was blasting some String Cheese Incident. This is my kind of baby.
  • We were somewhat anxious going back to Cali (cali cali), leaving behind all the amazing support we had in Newton. Thankfully we’ve have a fantastic re-entry into our west coast life. Amazing friends have come by literally every day this week bringing us food and good company. It’s great to be back home.