Best of ’09

Top ten shows of ’09

10. Los Tortugas. Third times the charm. Its been fun and fascinating watching the festival evolve from its initial incarnation.

9. Jon Hopkins at the Grand. Its tough to impress me doing an electronica gig, but he delivered. He also did an excellent job of re-shaping his music for a live show.

8. Jackie Green + Friends at the Great American Music Hall. I’m sorta meh on Jackie’s material, but its always nice to see Phil and Bobby from 10 feet away.

7. Kyle HollingsWorth + Zack Gill at the Indy. Zack’s set build nicely from solo piano -> full band -> full band + all of ALO. Kyle then proceeded to tear it up. A wicked fun night, and was glad to catch the whole thing from start to finish.

6. The Jimmy Herring Band at the Grand. An amazing interpretation of a gem of an album. His touring band was phenominal. The interplay between the musicians left me dizzy.

5. Soulive w/ Roy Hargrove at Yoshi’s. Best Soulive set I’ve ever seen, which is saying something. It was chock full of guests and intensely funky grooves. And I HEART Yoshi’s.

4. Joe Ledbetter @ Cafe du Node -> Dumpstafunk @ the Indy. Two venues, two awesome shows, one dollar bill stuck down my drawers. ‘Nough said.

3. Bill Krutzman at the Indy. Easily the biggest surprise of the year. I didn’t have high expectations for that show, and my shit got blown apart. The trio took us through an incredibly adventurous path through the dead cannon. A truly fantastic ride.

2. Moby at the Warfield. There are very few shows that cause me to experience an entire spectrum of emotions. My respect for this guy knows no bounds, even if I don’t enjoy most of his work.

1. Phish at the Gorge. I won’t lie. It wasn’t the best Phish show I’ve seen. Not by a long shot. But it was a dream come true to see Phish at the Gorge. I’m glad the boys are back in action.

Best album of the Year: Inhumans, 97 Lovers. Their website is down. Maybe they were a one trick pony. That was one amusing pony though.

Best electronic music album of the year: Insides, Jon Hopkins.

Best free electronic music album of the year: Clash, Signal Path



Wedding Music

What with ’09 being the year of the weddings, there were a couple opportunities to stretch my musical muscles for the betterment of magical nuptial time.

Dave SG is an amazing friend. He also made our wedding cake. He asked if I would compose the processional for his wedding. I was truly honored (slash payback is a bitch). He also requested that it should be performed along with his friend Andrzej on guitar. After struggling with a couple different original tunes, I ended up adapting Dave’s favorite general fuzz tune. I think it came out quite nicely. I may revisit it down the road. I’ve named it dragon fly, after the theme for his wedding. Download it here.

Lars is also an amazing friend. He asked me to DJ his wedding. On my birthday, he made me a mix cd which included a random track discovered at the nursery school where he works. It is song about Lars, who fights off dragons and needs to eat lunch. It is a very cute acoustic track. Lars was lukewarm about playing the track at their wedding. I spruced it up a bit and slipped it in during dancing go booyeah time. It amused me to no end. And now you can hear it too.