The other side of the bridge

Transitioning to our new pad has been intense, to say the least. The move, which was life consuming when it happened, seems like a distant memory. The day after we moved into to our new home, we had surprise visitors all day long. It was the most wonderful thing that could have happened. It hadn’t dawned upon me that the majority of our friends live in the East Bay until then.

Our new house doesn’t feel like home yet, but we’re getting there. Its a nice house in a fabulous neighborhood, right where Rockridge, Berkeley and Temescal intersect. My current street is sorta like living in Newton West, except for omnipresent Oakland vibe. I saw a dude take a piss on the street from the curb of the sidewalk one block away. It’s a very odd mashup of a suburb and a urban environment. The culture diversification is really different the SF. My favorite thing is that I can bike everywhere I need to go. I bike to the BART, the grocery store (of which there are four of), and the four or five yoga studios. I ride a bike pretty much everyday, and that brings me great joy. There’s endless stuff to discover. Unfortunately, there are very few parks. This irks me greatly, especially since I spent most of the decade living 50 feet from Golden Gate Park.

At this point the house is pretty setup. The only thing left in boxes is our art. We acquired a guest bed, and Stiners parents came out for five days over Christmas. This was a brilliant idea. We put them to work, and made huge leaps forward in setting up the house. Micheal, Stiner’s dad, is an architect, and proved to be rather handy with tools and a ladder. Ikea gladly accepted a lot our money. We haven’t setup the baby’s room yet, but that’s the last major hurdle left. My office is in a separate cottage which proves to awesome for a studio, but makes me feel really isolated when I’m there for long stretches of time.

I’m currently rich with yoga classes, since I signed up for new student specials at 4 studios. Its been crazy being exposed to totally different styles of Yoga. I tend to reject them all at first since they are unfamiliar. I’m starting to figure out that I prefer Hatha yoga to Vinyasa. I don’t dig the flow classes – yet. I learned the important lesson that if there’s a lot of really fit women in a class, I should turn around and walk out.  Normally I’ll start checking the clock around 45 minutes into an hour and half yoga class. That’s when I’m starting fatigue and wondering how much more I have to endure.  In the class with all the fit women, I looked for the first time 20 minutes in. I knew I was in big trouble.

My favorite new place is the whole word is the Starry Plough. They have awesome live music every weekend. The day we moved, I went there to catch a Dead cover band, because I could. It was pretty fun. I’ve never in my life seen an audience dance so ecstatically at a Dead themed concert. In fact I’ve just returned from seeing Further in SF and the audience was not even closed too as jazzed as the folks in the Starry. I’ve now been there 4 or 5 times. I last was there to see Albino with Angel, which was crazy fun. There are several amazing beer bars in the nearby, as well as a few breweries.

Our time has been jam packed with setting up the house and holiday parties. I’ve been hell bent on seeing as many concerts as possible. I’ve spent all my other free time focused on composing music, which has been coming along nicely. I would totally have a new album out in time for Burning Man this year, especially if we weren’t having a baby. Except I’m not going to Burning Man, and alledgely we are having a wee one. I’m attempting to be ok with that. As Stina wisely said – I have the rest of my life to be a musician.

The pregnancy is coming along nicely. No major hurdles yet. We’re entering the home stretch.

I’ve been spending lots more time in close proximity of our friends children. Its gotten me pretty excited about being a father. It’s also gotten me terrified about being a father. That seems about right.