Lurching Holidays

On one day I went to a bar near work to say goodbye to a co-worker I rather liked.  Then I met a random musician I connected with through the crazy large general fuzz scene at a different bar. Then I went to see Assembly of Dust (one of my favorite bands) at the Independent. Bizaw! This is an excellent example of how transitions and celebrations are crushing the opposition these days. I tend to dislike the opposition, what with the barring of progress and plotting of my demise.

Theres a distinct possibility that our housing situation may be on the road to conclusionville. Its out of our hands now, anyway. It’s been an exciting week of coming to grips with things. I sense this will be an essential skill in the upcoming lifetime, so I’m glad to get some practice in.

The holidays deftly approach, putting Stina in her seasonally predictable happy place. We visited our favorite overpriced decorative produce market, perhaps for the last time. Special magical cabin in Yosemite at the festival is on deck. Stina deployed her mad Halloween skills in anticipation.



Moby at the Warfield

Its rare these days for a concert to exceed my expectations, so I was pretty stunned when Moby gently guided the outer layer of my soul to a special place where string pads tangoed with the choicest boom-boom-squiggy-squiggy. That is to say, it’s ridiculous how talented that Moby guy is. He can sing, play the fuck out of a guitar, piano, and even rock the congo’s. He also writes and produces some incredible music. His new album, “wait for me”, is truly excellent. It’s my second favorite to “Play”, which is a masterpiece. His onstage persona is genuinely positive. He dedicated all the proceeds from his California shows to California’s Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Basically, he’s an exemplary human being.

The show consisted mostly of tracks from both of my favorite albums, created with an ever changing 6 piece band. The band was stacked enough so that there minimal backing tracks (though there definitely were backing tracks), which really drew me in. The show was at times intensely introspective, and then at other times a big fucking dance party. I enjoyed both parts equally. I was emotionally stirred and chock full of joy. I loved how the two amazing singers really played around with very repetitive vocal parts, keeping them rhythmically and melodically fresh.

At three shows a week, my feet are having a tough time keeping up with my relentless need to rock out. This week, I randomly saw Aerosmith at the Oracle World party on Treasure Island, which was fine. I had many flashbacks of high school.  I did manage to win 4 or 5 stuffed animals at the free carnival though. I can no longer attend large scale events without doing at least a surface analysis of how the organizers set it up. Living with Stina will do that.

Another stellar show worth mentioning was Zack Gill / Kyle Hollingsworth at the Independent. Zack’s set really built well. It started with a few solo songs with a piano, then he gradually brought out Kyle’s backing band, and then gradually brought out the rest of ALO. Then Kyle just tore it up. Lebo peppered the entire show. It was  a great night.



Color Me Grateful

Echoes, a nationally syndicated radio show, ran a listener poll to honor their 20th anniversary of broadcasting new age/downtempo electronic music. The poll was to rank the top 200 cds played on their station.

I ranked #9 and #24.

Are you kidding me? I didn’t tell anyone about this poll. Not even my wife. Obviously, I’m deeply indebted to echoes/John Diliberto for promoting my music over the past few years. It’s such an exquisite honor to be listed so close to BT’s “This Binany Universe” (which is truly the album of the decade IMO) and Moby’s “Wait For Me” (which I love, and am psyched to see him in concert on Thursday). Just browsing through the list is to walk through some of the most brilliant music ever made. I certainly don’t deserve to be ranked higher then Sigur Ros, Air, Ulrich Schnauss, or Vangelis (to name just a few). I’m sure it helps that my music was more recently featured then some of these outstanding albums.

Anyhow, if you read my lessons page, you know that I don’t often get feedback on my music. Therefore, when something like this comes along, I really don’t take it for granted. My deepest gratitude to those who voted for me, and to echoes for supporting my music.

You’ll have to be patient for the next album. I’m made some real headway on it, but there’s a long way to go. It won’t be finished before our first child arrives in Feb/Mar, and therefore it’s not gonna happen for a little while after that. But I assure you I have no plans to stop creating music. There will be a sixth album eventually, and now I have a renewed spark to spend a few long nights this week working on it.



The Golden Child

Yom Kippur has come and gone once again. During my day of intense reflection I became overwhelmed with the sheer number of ridiculous celebratory activities that occupied our waking moments. So much happened in the last year that its slightly hard to comprehend. 6 weddings (half of which I had an active role in), 3 bachelor parties (which I had a big part in organizing), 3 trips to Boston, work kicking my ass all over the place, Phish tour, Burning Man, Belize, relationship changes, tons of friends and family visiting, far too many concerts, that whole economy collapsing thingy, and the occasional emotional breakdown. Life hasn’t been boring. I was really focused on the concept of time, which seems to march forward relentlessly, regardless of what we do.

After living a roughly linear life for the past 4 or so years, we suddenly banged a sharp left into pregnantville. And even though this year was crazy intense, I’m incapable to fathom the insanity that’s about to transpire in the next year.  I’ve embraced the concept of moving into a new place, but the rental market isn’t really hugging me back. The longer this one way hug goes on, the more awkward I’m feeling. My goal is to transcend awkwardness until it feels like an active form of dominance. Then I’ll have the confidence to transition this hug into getting all the way to second base. Booyeah! They don’t call me slick for nothing.


Nobody calls be slick.

I seem to be caught in concentric circles of music. I saw Galactic at the Fillmore last weekend, and I’ll see them again at hardly strictly bluegrass tomorrow. I started this week at Dead Night @ Milk, and then Angel and I saw Dark Star Orchestra last night.  If music is playing, and I’m slightly interested – I’m so there. I’m on a serious concert jag right now. Gotta get out while I still can.

We went back into the hospital so we could do some baby related radar. They sure have some fancy dan devices at the hospital now days.

Stina is incubating quite nicely, which is pretty much all thats important these days.