Lurching Holidays

On one day I went to a bar near work to say goodbye to a co-worker I rather liked.  Then I met a random musician I connected with through the crazy large general fuzz scene at a different bar. Then I went to see Assembly of Dust (one of my favorite bands) at the Independent. Bizaw! This is an excellent example of how transitions and celebrations are crushing the opposition these days. I tend to dislike the opposition, what with the barring of progress and plotting of my demise.

Theres a distinct possibility that our housing situation may be on the road to conclusionville. Its out of our hands now, anyway. It’s been an exciting week of coming to grips with things. I sense this will be an essential skill in the upcoming lifetime, so I’m glad to get some practice in.

The holidays deftly approach, putting Stina in her seasonally predictable happy place. We visited our favorite overpriced decorative produce market, perhaps for the last time. Special magical cabin in Yosemite at the festival is on deck. Stina deployed her mad Halloween skills in anticipation.




Inspired by gazing into last nights art party, I decided to have a quick bout with fimo clay. What with the internet and all, I thought I’d do a quick photo expo on how to make a simple somewhat trippy bead.

First, using a pasta machine, I rolled out some green and white, cut two triangles and formed a rectangle which I put back through the pasta machine.

Then by repeatedly folding the square in half horizontally and running it through the pasta machine, I eventually make a rectangle gradient from white to green.

Then I made another rectangle from black to green, connected the two rectangles and rolled it up into a cylander.

I rolled out the cylender, and cut it into inch and half pieces.

I took those pieces and made a rectangle out of them. I squished the rectangle together making a “cane”, which I’ll use to make beads.

I cut thin slices off the cane, and wrapped them around scrap clay to make beads.

Now I have lots of beads. Sweet.

Anyone need some beads?