Old stale summer post

I just found this old blog post festering in my draft folder.
  • House hunting has gobbled up lots of our life cycles. We’ve got a ton of education to show for it, but no house. We’ve ridden through some intensely stressful weeks. The fact that I didn’t total melted down during our peek intensity moments is directly attributed to the personal growth I’ve had in the past year. It’s nice to have concrete metrics.
  • We had a miraculous crib -> bed transition. Jasper is about to start pre-school next week. In the future we’ll need to tackle potty training, and a moving to a new house. Then we get a special prize.
  • We were magically gifted free tickets to the circus, so we decided to see how Jasper would fare. It turned out pretty amazing. Jasper was spent the first half completely captivated, occasionally standing up to do some dancing. The lure of the elevator we found during intermission was strong during the 2nd half, so we split out time between the epic circus and a bemused arena elevator operator.
  • me: “can I eat some nectarine?”
    Jballs: “No. No nectarine.”
    me: *makes sad face*
    Jballs: “Are you sad?”
    me: “A little.”
    Jballs: “Shall we get blanket?”
  • right before eating spicy green salsa: “I’m going to eat this and then I will cry”. And then he totally did.
  • We had our first full ballz to wallz Krudden epic summer in a couple years. SCI, parents, Seattle, Boston, three weddings, cape code, fun the sierra mountains, and a cooking class to boot.
  • We pushed Jasper pretty hard at Jordan and Lisa’s ridiculously awesome farm wedding. We manged to stay until the funk band started up around 8:30, and then Jasper went ballistic on the dance floor. He was on fire. He had a circle of women around him, and his characteristically reserved manner was put on hold for some mad awesomeness. It was a best case scenario, and it was my happiest moment I’ve been lucky enough to share with him. He barely left the dance floor during the entire first set.
  • Jasper actively likes the dark. He’ll go around and turn off all the lights on the regular, and prefers to sleep in total darkness.


Summer Whiplash

  • Summer manhandled me a little bit this year. You’d think my primary focus at this point would be my child, but this summer I had to focus a little more on me. My emotional baggage area was filled to overcapacity, and some of that baggage came tumbling out. It was both scary and enlightening. Working on yourself is a challenging endeavor, but it was overdue. I’m viewing my present behaviors through the lens of my past and its been a little illuminating.  Instead of just accepting my feelings and actions as they occur, I’m occasionally trying to step outside the moment and ask why I’m responding that way.
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  • Along with some heavy internal re calibration thats going on, this summer has been pretty bat shit crazy ever since we returned from Europe. We’ve had four sets of people come and visit with us, sadly said goodbye to the Kirkbutts, attended numerous small child related celebrations, went back east and to Colorado. We pretty much discarded the notion of downtime.
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Dave, Erin, and Mica


Josh and Jo and Dan, Abby, and Abra Fae visited as well.

  • I went to LA for 48 hrs to visit with Dave, Keri, and Juila. And since I was already there, Dave and I meandered over to the hollywood bowl to see Phish. The parking lot antics set a new bar for behavior awesomeness. We managed to cobble together the tagline our new company: “We stream shit to your business”. Our first product is “vacusuck”.

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  • I’ve also been rather preoccupied trying to finish up album numero 6. Finishing an album is never that fun, and takes a lot of time, which I seem to have less of then I used to. Its finally all starting to come together, which is quite a relief. I’m ready to move on to other musical pastures. I’ve also invested far too much time into my website, making it twice as spiffy, and forcing it dump oodles of useless data in my database. Now I know where all 14 of you live. Reading blogs has consequences.
  • I love this kid too much. I like him most of the time. Spending long stretches of time alone with him, something that happens with some regularity,  has become much more enjoyable. Behavioral firsts are popping up with a little more frequency these days, and the occasional new word sneaks into his incomprehensible babbling. He fucking knows things, man. When I read books, Jballs now points out the things that he recognizes. We’re regularly attempting to introduce sharing into his repertoire. He’s really generous with the high fives and hugs though.

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  • Stina and I have different strategies for dealing with behavior that violates the principals of our cookbook for awesome living. Unfortunately, she is unable to accept that I am right all the time, so I’m resorting to smiling patronizingly at her every time Jasper hits me with a stick. This kid has quite an arm, and might be getting mixed messages. I blame mommy.
  • Jasper has found his 3rd gear. His favorite things right now are bubbles and balloons. He loves to be chased, so were are considering adopting a tiger cub.
  • His ability to comprehend what we are saying is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, that skill set seems come with some fairly sharp “No!”s and the occasional tantrum. We are in the pre-2 zone, and trouble is on the horizon. We are aware this is a sweet spot, and are treasuring it when we remember to.
  • Stina and I used to argue nature (me) vs. nurture (stina) when we were teenagers. It’s amusing to catch 1.5 year old Jasper compulsively put things back in their “place”. One point for Stina.
  • We caught the first day of Outside Lands, since Phish was headlining. Grandma flew in for the weekend, and good times were granted. I saw an AMAZING show of Zappa plays Zappa opening up for Return to Forever. Blew my mind. Definitely the top show for 2011.



My Bullet Point Life

  • Phish is back in action, and its stirring up some old obsessive tidings of yore. I actually followed the setlist of their first show in five years on Twitter and that was oddly exciting. The shows, which they released for free for a limited time, we’re sure fun to listen to. 90 songs in 3 days, some of which are exceedingly complex. Almost all of the first sets were 2 hours long. I’ll catch a date or two this summer, thanks to my lucky and generous friends :)
  • Speaking of Twitter, Hans, supreme overlord of my pants, passed on this gem.
  • My brother Doug

    accompanied by his camera

    and his fiancee, Erin

    came to visit. We even saw some family, like cousin Lily.
  • Then we all traveled back east to Boston together. I was swamped with work, but to my delight discovered that Virgin America has wifi on their flights. I was able to be productive while soaring above the clouds. My last blog post was even posted from the plane back home. I heart technology.
  • An obscure snobbery that I harbor is for  sprinkles, or “jimmies” if your from New England. I enjoy ice cream twice as much with jimmies on it, which can be upsetting when the ice cream parlor charges a dollar per topping. My mom just discovered high end sprinkles at my favorite store in Newton, Marty’s. They have redefined how sprinkles should be, and I’m probably worse off for knowing this. I did manage smuggle a large container back with me, but airport security had a field day with it.
  • The impetus for the trip back east was Ducey’s wedding. That was a REAL good time. Stiners and I re-connected with many a high school friend along with the UMass folks that often are spotted along side the Ducester. One down, at least four to go.

    The passing of the torch . . .